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We are passionate about sharing the amazing benefits Sign Language can have when used consistently between a parent and a child.

The early years of a child’s life are extremely important, as their brains develop at a very rapid pace.

Research has shown that signing can boost your child’s development by:

-Allowing babies to communicate long before they can speak (as early as 5 months)

-Reducing frustration and tantrums

-Enhancing language and cognitive development (increases IQ scores)

-Promoting parent/child bonding

-Helping preschoolers build vocabulary and early literacy skills

The use of Sign Language has also been shown to benefit children with special needs.

Specific language impairments:

-Children with Down Syndrome

-Children on the Autism Spectrum

-Children with Dyslexia

The use of Sign Language also benefits children learning additional (spoken) languages.

A study by Laura Felzer showed that signing helped a group of Kindergarteners who were English language learners, read at or above grade level by the time they were in First grade.

“Statistics prove that if a child is exposed to multiple languages when they are young, they have a much easier time learning them.  They also have more of an aptitude for learning languages later in life because they have ‘pre-wired their brain for it!’  So, what children learn, and how they learn at this age really affects their life-long learning.”

-Launa C. from West Jordan, UT www.littlelearnersacademy.com

For more information on the benefits of ASL, check out the following resource: Benefits of Signing With Your Child

When children’s hands are moving, their minds are learning!